Tea Time: Camomile Flowers | Teekanne

Another day, another tea!

My Monday was nice but I was feeling a bit weak. Felt like I worked my ass off at Sunday night even though I didn’t. Felt so down so I got myself a cup of tea, randomly. And this is what I got.


Teekanne’s Camomile Flower Tea.


I noticed we have different flavors of Teekanne Tea – Camomile Flower, Ginger-Lemon, English Breakfast, etc.. They have the same packaging material. A thin semi-glossy paper. I’ve also tried drinking the Ginger-Lemon Flavor and I will describe that on another post, but anyway, I found out that they also have the same tea sachet material – a not so durable paper-like sachet. Well, don’t get me wrong it didn’t break when I soaked it, so it’s okay.. Through the thin sachet you’ll see the dried camomile. Though it’s a fair amount the scent isn’t strong. It almost smells like nothing just plain dried herbs. That’s not a bad thing, it’s actually a good thing. Smelling not much sent made me more curious about its taste. Well, like its scent, it doesn’t have a strong taste. It’s kinda like drinking a luke warm water with a lil’ bit herbs soaked in it. Really can’t describe the taste very well. It’s like something is there but you really can’t tell what it is.


I read the nutrition facts and it said it’s 100% All-Natural with no added sugars, artificial flavors or preservatives & it has zero calories. From now on I will always let you guys know about the tea’s nutrition facts, though I think it’s almost the exact same.. It’s tea. Duh?! haha…

So, as you all know (if you’ve read my other tea related posts) I always look up the brands online, and guess what, I found their website. It’s www.teekanne.at. As I was scanning their site, I read that “Teekanne” is German for “teapot”. Teekanne was established (if I’m not mistaken) on 1882 and exceeded the strict German Food Regulation standards. Isn’t that nice?

Anyway, back to the tea products… Teekanne has 5 original flavors — Camomile Flowers, Rosehip & Hibiscus Flowers, Peppermint, Mixed Fruit, & Fennel. What’s amazing is that they have bottled fresh fruit juice with different flavors. they have Wild Berry Lime, Hugo, & Pomegranate Peach. Not only that! They have different type of teas they have “tea desserts” that they call Sweeteas, tea capsules for NESPRESSO® coffee machine, wellness slimming teas an many more…

If you’re interested visit their website, or follow them on facebook and on instagram for more details.

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