Gandia Street: Coffee or Wine? Or Dine?

Want to de-stress? I introduce you a great Chill Spot in Cavite City — Gandia Street; Coffee & Wine Bar.

As a gluttonous lady, I have eaten in loads of restaurants and tried unique food… And of course I always ask for their best seller, only to try if it’s worthy to be ‘The Best’. No, I don’t cook, but yes, I am hella choosy on what I ingest. So, anyway, I knew Gandia Street since it was established (year 2015) and I have never been disappointed with their service and their variety of food. So, I decided to make a review of G-Street.

I highly recommend this place. Why? Because they are consistent with the service and the quality of their food and beverages. 10/10 for me. Gandia Street is located in G Building, Covelandia Road, Brgy. Balsahan – Binakayan. Using waze? WAZE: G Building Covelandia Rd.

G Street is open 11 AM – 11 PM during Sundays until Thursdays, and operates at 11 AM – 12 AM every Friday to Saturday

You can also check out their Facebook page for schedule updates and other inquiries.

So, here’s a sneak peak of what they offer…

All-day breakfast meal

all-day breakfast meal

Mom said, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. So, here’s a great choice of a heavy breakfast for you, guys.

G Street’s Pasta Gilberto & Roast Beef Sandwich

G Street's Pasta Gilberto & Roast Beef Sandwich

Munch all you want, just by looking at these I crave so much that it hurts not to have it. LOL

Tapa Salad


Have you ever heard of Tapa Salad? It’s totally delicious here in G Street, No kidding. I loved It! You’ll love it too.

Buffalo Wings


Love eating spicy foods? Well, This one is the bomb! Even though I’m not a fan of spicy food, I can’t resist the smell of G Street’s Buffalo wings. Scrumptious, indeed!

Cheesy Wings by Gandia St.

Cheesy Wings by Gandia St

By the look of it, what do you think? DROOLZ… Can you resist it? Yeah, I can’t either..

Mocha Latte

Mocha Latte

They cater different types and flavours of Caffeine. And Mocha Latte is one of their best seller in the hot selections.

Ice Blended Drinks

Toffee + White Chocolate + Strawberry

Toffees, White Chocolate & Strawberry are some of their Ice Blende Drinks. You can also order Ice Blended Coffee drinks.

Craving now? Go and visit G Street. You won’t regret trying, tbh.

Photos are originally taken by me and others were taken from their Facebook Page. You can also check my instagram @vinnavinz for the actual photos of my order. And please don’t forget to follow them on instagram @gandiastreet.

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