These soy candles bring peace and warmth

There are days we are unfocused, impatient and stressed, and there are days we take medicines to get thru headaches, nausea, anxiety or panic attacks. We always forget to take time on taking care of ourselves, meditate and recollect.

There are other healthy ways to get thru headaches, nausea, anxiety and panic attacks, and one perfect way is to light up a candle that you think is best to get you into good mood like these candles from Conscents PH.

These Scented Soy Candles can make you calm, help you focus and relax your mind. The candles are healthy for your body, mind and soul. No kidding, it really works!

One morning, as I was about to start fixing my tools I felt too lazy and disturbed. I was feeling off and my mind was so busy. Then I remembered that I got a scented candle as a gift, so I took it and lit it up, and that’s how it all started.

After a few minutes with the candle lit up, the citrus scent helped me calm down and got me motivated. My mind became focused and I finished what I started very well and quicker than the usual. They didn’t call it Morning Inspiration for no reason, right?

Conscents PH offers good-smelling HANDMADE, VEGAN and CLEAN BURN scented SOY candles. And it’s available in 5 different scents:

  • Work It Out: Cinnamon-scented soy candle

  • Me Time: Rose-scented soy candle

  • Chill Nights: Peppermint-scented soy candle

  • Bed Time Stories: Lavender-scented soy candle

  • Morning Inspiration: Citrus-scented soy candle

You can buy one for P200 and buy all scents for just P900 at Conscent PH.

Visit their facebook page and instagram profile for inquiries.

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