Embracing the New Normal : Innovation that lasts with Hotel Sogo

Despite the efforts taken to move the economy forward, the impact of Covid-19 has rocked enterprises and diverse industries in a short amount of time, and there are still businesses and establishments that are feeling its long-term impacts, such as in the hospitality industry.

“As early as March 2020 last year, we at Hotel Sogo were working on measures to assist improve the situation in our hotels. We proceeded to investigate, invest, and develop new ways to strengthen our safety measures, particularly in terms of cleanliness and sanitation, from that moment forward,” stated Ms. Sue Geminiano, Hotel Sogo Corporate Marketing Manager.

In addition to the new and improved normal protocols, such as non-contact equipment and thermal scanning, SOGO’s management has implemented some significant changes and innovations in its branches, such as ultraviolet disinfection of rooms, lobbies and air-conditioning equipment, increased ventilation, and microbiological testing ( Methods of indicating the presence and number of microorganisms), Covid sniffer dogs, reducing contact points, and applying antibacterial coatings on frequently touched surfaces.

Through the 11 So Safe innovation of Sogo Hotel, the safety and well-being of guests and their employees are the first. “This ongoing pandemic has helped us take more measures to emphasize safety. The innovations I’m talking about are around the 4 main methods of preventing the spread of the virus and protecting our guests (such as reducing contact points, improving air quality, disinfecting And testing) to develop and improve facilities. It is very important to test all these agreements to ensure that all these innovations are truly effective to ensure the safety of our guests; we want our guests to feel safe when they stay at Sogo Hotel. Even after the pandemic, we will continue to protect our guests and make more upgrade deals, “Ms Geminiano added.

More than just a hotel In addition to the hotel innovations implemented, Sogo Hotels has also stepped up its efforts to help its compatriots through its corporate social responsibility program Sogo Cares. Sogo Hotel is helping poor communities who need basic needs such as food, medicine and water.

“Recently, we donated food packs with sheets and towels to the victims of the Manila fire. We also donated bottled water, bedding, pillows, surgical masks, pillowcases and Mattresses and other necessities, we also provide assistance in different community food pantry in Bulacan and Quezon City. In these difficult times, our team will definitely help those in need. Even for this GCQ, Sogo Hotel continues to accept frontline staff, needed and repatriated OFWs, seafarers and economic workers from all Sogo Hotel branches. Ms. Geminiano said: “We also provide services for those who want to stay for a long time for work reasons.”

As of 2015, in six (6) years, Sogo Hotels has performed more than 400 medical missions, more than 100,000 beneficiaries, led more than 600 donations and more than 170,000 beneficiaries through its Sogo Cares People corporate social responsibility program.

For more details, visit www.hotelsogo.com or like and follow Hotel Sogo on Facebook (facebook.com/hotelsogo), Twitter (@hotelsogo), and Instagram (@hotelsogo).

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